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Welcome to WHMS

The Woundcare and Hyperbaric medicine Society (WHMS) wants to be the premier scientific organization focused on wound healing and evidence based hyperbaric medicine practices. A nonprofit organization composed of clinical and basic scientists and wound care specialists; the mission of the WHMS is to advance the care of non-healing wounds using evidence based practice & to improve wound healing outcomes through science, professional education, and communication. The WHMS provides a forum for interaction among scientists, clinicians, and other wound care practitioners, industrial representatives, and government agencies.

Mission statement

To advance the care of non-healing wounds using evidence based practice

Name of Organization

The name of this society shall be the Woundcare and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (WHMS)


This Society shall be international in scope. Its primary purposes shall be:

  • To provide a forum for professional scientific communication among individuals and groups involved in basic and applied studies concerned with aspects of the Advance wound care and hyperbaric medicine.
  • To act as an expert body in matters of education and public Interest concerning growth and promotion of Advance wound care and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • To promote education and the use of advance wound care modalities in a clinical setting that is safe, affordable and healing outcome oriented
  • To develop and promote educational activities and other programs, which improve the scientific knowledge of matters related to advance wound care and hyperbaric medicine and the accepted applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the membership, as well as physicians and allied health professionals, technicians and the public at large.
  • To provide a source of information and support in the clinical practice of wound care & hyperbaric medicine and to stay abreast of legislative, legal, and regulatory changes in the field.
  • To provide a means by which hyperbaric facility directors/owners will have an opportunity to request an accreditation survey of their facility for safety, staffing and verifying the adequacy of the professional medical application of hyperbaric therapy.